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3 very good reasons for archiving with REISSWOLF

What do you want when you need to keep company-relevant documents for years?

  1. Keep the documents securely protected against unauthorized access.
  2. Have access to documents yourself at any time when you need them.
  3. Ideally save space, time, money & nerves.  

REISSWOLF's high-security archives offer exactly that:

  1. Your documents are securely protected with us for many years, depending on your requirements.
  2. Our REISSWOLF archive. manager. offers you 24/7 access to all the documents you need.
  3. The economic efficiency calculation is unbeatable - feel free to do our Archive Budget Check.

Archives are normally institutions whose task is the systematic acquisition, recording, ordering, permanent storage and indexing of written or visual and audio media as well as electronic storage media. So much for the definition and theory.

In many companies, they tend to be places of forgetfulness, of clutter, of hours of searching. But even if they are well structured, they are sometimes populated by uninvited lodgers such as rodents or mold. How much better, safer, easier is the use of our REISSWOLF high security archives with all the services that offer exactly what an archive should offer: Acquisition, recording, order, permanent storage and indexing of your documents.

One of our newest high-bay warehouses was recently completed in Elmenhorst and offers maximum efficiency through the use of so-called knick-forklifts, which allow smaller lanes and thus more storage space: 180,000 cartons can be safely stored here on pallets in optimal climatic conditions. Each carton can hold 5 wide files. This means that we can now store an additional 900,000 folders at this location alone. In total, we now have an archiving capacity of 710,000 cartons with over 3.5 million folders at this location alone.

Since all documents are stored in identical boxes that are only barcoded, no one but you and us knows where your data is located in this mind-boggling amount of padding. Pretty ingenious, right? And so much safer than having all your data stored collectively in one room in your buildings. Access controls, sectored shelf sprinklers, staff sworn to data protection, SaaS digital archive management - it's all there in the total package. Or even more, such as hybrid files, scan-on-demand or backup storage in IT data cases, including pick-up and delivery service.

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