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A digital archive is invaluable

"The searchability of the digitised texts represents an unquantifiable added value for us. It revitalizes our archive and turns it into the knowledge source it was always meant to be," says Thomas Flandera, of Geoconsult ZT GmbH. This customer feedback is not only a compliment. More than that, it clearly describes the advantages of our scanning service.

At Geoconsult Austria, a planning office providing engineering services worldwide, we digitised more than 50,000 construction plans and 4,400 folders on high-performance scanners. The customer had reached its limits with its own archive and, even more crucially, accessing the archived files took a considerable amount of time. Now all digitized construction plans are available to the customer as PDFs, which can be quickly searched using keywords thanks to automatic text recognition. The different formats of the plans, from A5 to A0, can be easily handled digitally. And moreover the scanning has improved the quality and readability of the documents.

Would you like to learn more about the project implementation? You can read all the details in the detailed case study.

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