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ATHENE researches for more cyber security

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Have you ever done Cyber Range Training? Here IT teams can be put into realistic attack situations, the team behaviour in stress situations can be tested and the security competencies can be improved. Fraunhofer SIT combines one of the world's leading simulation platforms with current research results and innovative start-up ideas to create a novel training program.

This is just one of the many offers in the field of cyber security. ATHENE, the National Research Center for Applied Cyber Security of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, together with the Technical University of Darmstadt and the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, has committed itself to researching more cyber security and is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for its work. 500 scientists are currently researching the challenges of cyber security for business, society and government in an international environment.

How can users protect themselves against uncontrolled disclosure of private information on the Internet or profit from controlled data disclosure? How can the trustworthiness of processes, data and actors on the Internet be better evaluated for users? Since 2015, a multidisciplinary research training group at the TU Darmstadt has been working on questions such as these. The German Research Foundation (DFG) has currently decided to fund the Research Training Group with over EUR 6 million for a period of 4.5 years.

Without data security and trust in data protection, a successful digital transformation is inconceivable. We at REISSWOLF are also aware of this. As a member of the Cyber-Alliance and as a company that stands for a data protection-compliant handling of data, it is a personal concern of ours to inform regularly in webinars about GDPR-relevant topics and about possibilities for more data security.

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