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Awareness raising for more waste avoidance

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The topic of waste and the consequences of careless, illegal disposal are currently much discussed. Whether plastic waste, electrical scrap or waste oils – the problem remains the same:

How can improper disposal be prevented and resources and the environment protected in a sustainable manner?

This was also the topic of the European Week for Waste Avoidance, which took place from 17 - 25 November 2018 under the motto "Conscious Consumption – Correct Disposal". Nationwide clean-up campaigns are intended to raise people's awareness of their own responsibility for waste disposal and increase the recycling rate. Looking at current figures, this is absolutely essential. According to the Federal Environment Agency, almost 465,000 tons of white goods, i.e. refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers, are disposed of improperly or illegally. And this despite the fact that they contain many reusable raw materials. As a result, in 2016 Germany even narrowly missed the collection rate of 45% prescribed by the EU. From 2019, the quota for the EU states will be 65%.

For Germany, this means that an additional 350,000 tonnes of old electrical and electronic equipment will have to be taken back each year. A rethinking of all of us is urgently necessary. The same applies to significantly better consumer information on take-back options in the trade or the accessibility of the existing network of collection points and recycling centres.

Another major problem is the sharp increase in the number of portable batteries placed on the market. Compared to 2016, the mass increased by 5,132 tonnes – an increase of 11%. We at REISSWOLF also notice time and again how frivolously smaller electrical scrap is disposed of in the REISSWOLF security containers. Whether batteries, mobile phones or rechargeable batteries, nothing of this belongs in the paper waste and can lead to highly dangerous situations for our employees in an emergency. Lithium-ion batteries from smartphones in particular contain flammable and corrosive solutions and can therefore easily lead to fires and explosions in our shredder plants.

But don't worry, we at REISSWOLF also support you in this area. Request your quotation for Office Waste today and have your electrical scrap disposed of in an appropriate and environmentally friendly manner.

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