Daten. Leben.

CiBS becomes REISSWOLF Digital Services GmbH

REISSWOLF wishes everyone a happy and healthy new year! The new year is only a few days young, but expectations and hopes are certainly higher than ever. Many things have changed in 2020. Some things will stay and others will return? But whatever 2021 has in store for us, let's start the new year together and with confidence.

For REISSWOLF, the year begins with a new name and with what belongs together growing together. CiBS becomes REISSWOLF Digital Services GmbH. This is the logical continuation of a connection that began in 2016.
Four years ago, CiBS became a subsidiary of the REISSWOLF Group. Since then, the services around secure data management have become more and more interconnected - from scanning services to efficient and legally compliant DMS/ECM solutions to physical and digital archiving. In short, to a powerful 360° data management.

With REISSWOLF Digital Services GmbH, we now want to make this visible to the outside world.
Your contact persons and telephone numbers will remain unchanged. All services and solutions formerly under CiBS can now be found at 

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