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Digital letter mail – fast and secure

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In times of digitalization the manual opening of the daily letter post seems almost nostalgic. But nostalgia also has its price. It costs a lot of time every day.

We at REISSWOLF deal daily with the digitalization of documents and how we can intelligently link analog and digital and make processes more efficient, safer and faster. This also includes the daily incoming letter post.
We have developed the digital mailbox, which we use to process incoming mail for you, taking into account current data protection standards.

In concrete terms, this means that we open your mail fully automatically, digitize it and make it available to you online and on a daily basis. As for the period of 10 years, the originals are stored free of charge in our high-security archives and destroyed in compliance with data protection regulations after the expiry of the retention period and customer approval.

More information about the digital mailbox can be obtained from our sales partner dogado.

More about the digital mailbox at

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