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Investment in high-quality audio equipment for video conferencing pays off

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Telephone and video conferences are the only alternative to face-to-face meetings when there is a physical distance between you and your company, and for many people they are an integral part of their daily work. Quite a few of us have certainly experienced how tiring it is when you barely understand the person speaking, sound interruptions occur or background noises disturb you. However, poor audio quality is not only stressful, but the overall mood and productivity also suffer. This was found out by the market research company Ipsos and the audio system provider EPOS in a joint study with 2,500 participants.

  According to the study, poor audio quality can have far-reaching consequences:

  • 23% reported dissatisfied customers
  • 18% complained of financial loss
  • in 19%, poor sound even led to the failure of a pitch or the loss of a tender

Every enquiry or repetition is a brake on success and also a cost factor for the company. The study showed that employees spend three full days per year to compensate for poor sound quality during telephone and video conferences.


The problem can be easily solved with good audio equipment, such as:

  • High-quality headsets and speakerphones that record speech in the best quality
  • AI-based noise cancelling technology that eliminates annoying background noise
  • Stable connections and easy switching between smartphone and laptop through multi-connectivity

According to the study 93% of decision-makers have already recognised this. They plan to invest in appropriate technology in the next 12 months.

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