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REISSWOLF Austria lives inclusion at the workplace

Disability can make it considerably more difficult to return to working life. The reason for this is often the unfounded fears of companies. The Arbeitsmarktservice (AMS) in Lower Austria has therefore set itself the goal of changing exactly that and focusing on the placement of these people. 1,415 job seekers with disabilities will be sustainably integrated into the labour market by AMS 2019 and have already been successful in initial placement.

For example in the case of Bujar Jonuzi, who found a suitable job at REISSWOLF Austria in Leobendorf.
Bujar Jonuzi, a trained cook from Stockerau, was unemployed for around two years despite many additional training courses. Deafness and communication in sign language made it difficult for him to find a job.
But fortunately this is no longer an issue. He recently joined the REISSWOLF digitisation team in preparing the documents for the scanning process. "I received great support and am now part of the group," says Jonuzi, pleased with the job. The father of four feels "at home".

"Our company boss has a very social attitude and makes sure that the employees are well off", says Werner Gruber, the responsible personnel manager, explaining the company's philosophy. The fact that inclusion is an enrichment for all sides is also shown by the fact that ten REISSWOLF employees are already taking part in a sign language course.

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