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REISSWOLF offers replacement scanning according to TR-RESISCAN

Back in 2013, the German Federal Office for Information Security (short BSI) published a technical guideline as an aid for business, healthcare, the judiciary and administration in order to clarify how legally compliant scanning must be carried out if the paper originals are subsequently to be destroyed in compliance with data protection regulations: TR-RESICAN.

REISSWOLF Germany has now had the conformity test for its scanning service successfully carried out by an auditor authorised by the BSI, the VOI Service GmbH. And now offers the secure procedure to all those who want to further reduce their paper-based processes and work more digitally.

Thus, a certificate now also proves what has always been the maxim of the nationwide successful company: all technical and organisational requirements for a maximum of data protection and data security are fulfilled according to the highest standards.

The entire process, from document preparation to scanning, post-processing and integrity assurance, has been carefully audited and thus gives numerous existing customers from municipalities, authorities or hospitals as well as new interested parties more legal certainty.

All IT systems, networks and applications relevant to the scanning process are analysed. Subsequently, the user must carry out an examination of the protection requirements of the documents to be processed with regard to the basic values of integrity, confidentiality and availability. The security measures required in each case are then derived from this protection requirement. We are pleased about the new certificate as proof of the careful implementation of a TR-RESISCAN-compliant scanning process. We would be happy to do this for you in the future. Get a non-binding consultation now.

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