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REISSWOLF supports insurance broker with document destruction, digitalisation and archiving

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The processing of personal data, as it is the case with insurers on a daily basis, is associated with long-term retention periods. This is also the case with our customer, S.L.P. Vertriebsservice AG. This company reached its limits with its archiving capacities in its own archive and therefore commissioned us with file destruction, digitisation and archiving.

A logistical challenge in this project was the customer archive without elevator. The events meant that the archive could only be cleared using an inclined lift on the outer wall of the building. This in turn required a road block directly in front of the building. At the customer's request, we took over the complete organisation and implementation.

Today the customer profits from the fact that he has direct access to the scanned files and no longer has to worry about storage periods and archive capacities.

We have prepared the entire project for you to read in detail in a project report.

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