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REISSWOLF welcomes international partners to management and sales academy

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New REISSWOLF partners from Moldova and the Ukraine as well as new employees from locations in Switzerland and Turkey were in Hamburg for five days in order to participate in the management and sales training as part of the REISSWOLF your. academy.

The REISSWOLF your. academy. is the training tool with which we pass on our decades of experience to our worldwide REISSWOLF partners. The focus is above all on the direct exchange on projects and acquisition strategies.

While in the first two days it concerned to obtain the bases of REISSWOLF for the new partners and colleagues and to give an introduction to the development of the 360° service spectrum to the new partners and colleagues, the following three days were dedicated completely to selling topics, tools and practical exercises, so that also new partners and coworkers can convert the REISSWOLF system established in already 30 countries successfully in their markets. Originally started as a pure data and document shredder, today REISSWOLF stands for a unique all-round service portfolio and is known as an industry expert for digitisation, archiving and data protection beyond the borders of Germany.

At the current REISSWOLF your. academy. we were supported by numerous colleagues from Hamburg and Portugal who presented first-hand reports on their experiences. The marketing team was also involved and presented the latest developments in this area, but was also available for questions, for example on the uniform corporate identity.

In addition to imparting knowledge, this time was also spent getting to know each other and networking played an important role. And in the words of our REISSWOLF managers: "There were many great discussions, questions and completely much common laughter".

The week was rounded off by a visit of all Hamburg locations.

We welcome the new partners in our REISSWOLF group warmly and hope they could profit from the REISSWOLF your. academy.

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