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The backbone of REISSWOLF is the nationalregional and local presence, combined with the international network of the group and the high-end security solutions. This is how our partners can deal with small and mid-sized customers but also multinationals. Through our network, they can propose international solutions as well.  

Being a successful REISSWOLF partner means: great presence in the partner region combined with on-demand support by REISSWOLF international (for solution requests, international tenders, sales and marketing). 

Sales Support

  • At REISSWOLF, we follow our new and highly successful sales and full-service concept REISSWOLF 360°
    • REISSWOLF is a one-stop-service provider for all services related to document security.
    • For both physical or digital documents.
    • REISSWOLF offers physical storage, scanning, OCR, document recognition and even DMS services and workflows, but also digital audit-proof archiving and finally secure document destruction.
  • REISSWOLF International supports partners with international key accounting
  • Our REISSWOLF regularly offers trainings in order to promote best practice solutions to our partners.
  • Our Annual International Partner Meetings are a very established tool for meeting, exchanging and networking.
  • REISSWOLF services are defined by quality, innovation and USP – we develop our own solutions such as security locks, our archiving software or REISSWOLF f.i.t. – these USP are exclusive for our partners.
Available franchise licence:
  • 1. confidential document and data carrier destruction (shredding)
  • 2. physical records management (archiving solutions)
  • 3. digital services (scanning, data recognition, online archiving…) 
Six steps to receiving your license:
  1. Initial business contact and signing of the non-disclosure agreement
  2. Presentation and discussion of the handbook for the potential license-buyer
  3. Market and competitor analysis, financing, business and sales plans
  4. The signing of the franchise agreement for the desired contractual territory
  5. Attending the REISSWOLF Academy seminar and on-site internship
  6. Start of business operations
The right location to get started

In addition to your qualification as a REISSWOLF managing director, you will need a start-up facility that is compliant with REISSWOLF security standards. At the same time, the REISSWOLF Group will support you with layout planning and operational setup.

Let’s grow our businesses together. 
Contact us to find out more information about our partner program.

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