Daten. Leben.

Great accomplishments are building up the strength of our network.

We are proud to present some of our success stories.


Johann Sundblad

“Since 1988, IL Recycling has been working in the data and document destruction business and joined the REISSWOLF Group in 2006. Today, REISSWOLF Sweden has succeed in becoming the national market leader with six facilities and one mobile shredder, 40 employees, and an annual turnover of 7 million euros."

REISSWOLF Netherlands(Scheemda)

Freerk Potze

“Being part of the REISSWOLF Group enables us to serve major national and even international clients as well. And, the business network with the other European REISSWOLF franchisees offers us the possibility of sharing and gaining new ideas and experiences for the continuous development of our own REISSWOLF facility in Scheemda.”


Siegfrid Schmedler

“In the recent past, we ascertained that there was a growing need for professional external archiving of documents. So we decided to use and offer REISSWOLF's international expertise in archiving in Austria too, and it works well.”

REISSWOLF Azerbaijan

Agateyyub Jafarov 

Seeing the vivid changes in our global community how the mankind is trying to make the life aspects easy and accessible through the technology and IT Resources was one of the reasons drew my attention when I was offered to partner with REISSWOLF. As I started to work, one thing fascinated to see that the company is not only about storing and keeping archives but also uniquely digitizing them for the clients to have easy access any time with one snap. It’s also making me glad that this is being practised in our country for the first time and REISSWOLF is the Pioneer who is doing this. 


Rok Skrbinc 

The market for the destruction and archiving of documents was at a very low level of quality and security a decade ago. When my partner and I met REISSWOLF solutions, we realized that this was what was missing and what the Slovenian market and potential customers needed. REISSWOLF 's comprehensive documentation destruction, archiving and digitization solutions provide users with integrity, cost-effectiveness, security, traceability and compliance with the management of legislation and standards throughout its life cycle.

REISSWOLF Czech Republic

Vlastimil Balín 

We have chosen the REISSWOLF brand as a partner to provide our services. The reason was their comprehensive system of services, which is still evolving. We wanted to be part of this family and develop our services in the Czech Republic.


Amir Perviz 

Back in 2015, I was looking for a well-established corporation to join and to develop business in my country. At the time Bosnia and Herzegovina was one of the very few countries not covered by REISSWOLF services so I address the company and offered cooperation. We quickly identified each other as valuable partners and ever since then we are on a journey together full of challenges. After five years we learned that we can rely on each and for me how important is to have support from an understanding partner.



Deniz Eraydin

Being a part of REISSWOLG Group enables us a nice network of Professionals, the experience of German quality standards and be inspired by other countries.


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