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Competitive advantage thanks to a strong brand and established services.

Join us as our franchise partner.

REISSWOLF is the leading solutions provider in the domain of information management and integration. The management of information is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations today with an ever-increasing amount of information stored in a variety of media formats. In addition, pressure for legal compliance lays strategic focus on records management with modern administration. 

As a REISSWOLF franchisee, you can provide secure and legally compliant management solutions that meet the organizational and technological requirements of modern digital data management, archiving systems, and destruction of confidential information. In this regard, you are free to offer a single service or the entire range.

REISSWOLF offers a global network and a huge international customer database. As a franchise partner, you will cooperate with a modular service supplier with a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of document and records management. REISSWOLF franchisees in several countries have thus become market leaders in the area of data destruction and archiving. Find here some succes stories.

How to become a REISSWOLF franchise partner

There are several ways of becoming a REISSWOLF franchisee. Most of our partners already had well-run companies in related businesses such as security, transportation, or recycling. Others were already working in the field of data destruction and converted their existing companies into REISSWOLF franchises, mainly to strengthen their market position and to open up new prospects for expansion. But there are also quite a few start-ups among our franchisees, who established their fast-growing businesses as complete newcomers.

Six steps to receiving your license

  1. Initial business contact and signing of the non-disclosure agreement
  2. Presentation and discussion of the handbook for the potential license-buyer
  3. Market and competitor analysis, financing, business and sales plans
  4. Signing of the franchise agreement for the desired contractual territory
  5. Attending the REISSWOLF Academy seminar and on-site internship
  6. Start of business operations

What it takes to be a REISSWOLF partner

  • A real awareness concerning the topics of information management, digital archiving, and security
  • A distinctive business personality
  • Experiences in marketing and sales
  • Enjoying contact with people
  • Experience in human resources management
  • Own capital of at least 150,000 euros

The right location to get started

In addition to your personal qualification as a REISSWOLF managing director, you will certainly need a start-up facility that is compliant with REISSWOLF security standards. At the same time, the REISSWOLF Group will support you with layout planning and operational setup.

Further informations