Delete securely.
Process carefully.
Recycle sustainable.

REISSWOLF Data Deletion & IT Recycling

Daten. Leben.

Certified data deletion and resource-saving recycling of your outdated IT.

Whether printer, server, PC, laptop or mobile phone: REISSWOLF evaluates your used hardware and then takes care of certified data deletion, sensible reuse or sustainable recycling – with minimum effort for you and maximum benefit for the environment.

  • GDPR compliant data deletion
  • Resource-saving reuse
  • Certified deletion software
  • Sustainable management with used hardware

Safe. Fast. Simple.
This is how REISSWOLF data deletion & IT recycling works.

1. Fill out device list

Enter in the Excel file which used hardware you want to return and send the file to

2. Receive an offer

We will provide you with a non-binding offer with an evaluation for your old hardware.

3. Collection & transport

The hardware is dismantled by our experts on site and safely transported.

4. Deletion

All devices are subject to secure and GDPR-compliant data deletion. You will afterwards receive the certificates as proof.

5. Recycling

We take care of sustainable recycling, certified data medium destruction or resale of still intact devices.

The REISSWOLF deletion process
for outdated IT hardware.

  1. Registration and control of incoming devices incl. serial number registration
  2. Device audit (functional readout)
  3. Impairment test
  4. Data deletion by means of industry standard Blancco software  
  5. Resale or data destruction according to DIN 66399 and recycling

Do you have questions about REISSWOLF Data Deletion & IT Recycling? You would like a direct offer?

If you would like to have more information first, you can use the form here and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you would like a direct offer for your hardware, please download the device list, fill it in as completely as possible for an optimum evaluation and then upload it again here.

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Delete. Refurbish. Recycle.
With REISSWOLF, the specialist for data protection.

We securely recondition or recycle your used company hardware in a resource-saving manner - with certified data deletion and in compliance with the highest REISSWOLF safety standards.


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The advantages of REISSWOLF data deletion & IT recycling.

Secure data deletion.

All old IT equipment that we take over from you will be deleted according to a firmly regulated certified procedure.

Sustainable business.

Unused, intact hardware will be refurbished and resold after data deletion to effectively reduce the consumption of goods.

Saving resources.

The valuable raw materials cobalt, nickel, lithium and copper are extracted from hardware that is no longer usable and processed for new devices.

Professional recycling.

Used metals, plastics and synthetic materials are properly disposed of by our waste management system to significantly reduce environmental pollution.

The industry standard for data erasure.

In addition to its own security standards, REISSWOLF relies on Blancco's automated diagnosis and deletion procedure. The software has been tested, certified and approved by more than 15 government agencies and testing organisations. It is also used by the BSI (Germany's Federal Office for Information Security), NATO and the British government, among others. One more reason to be sure that with REISSWOLF Data Deletion & IT Recycling just remains what should remain: bare hardware.