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Walter Confiserie.

For more than a hundred years, Walter Confiserie has been a permanent fixture in western Berlin. The fine nougat and marzipan specialities are still produced today according to old recipes, using the best ingredients and made in the chocolate factory located directly on the premises.

Based on the wealth of experience of the company’s founder, chocolatier Hugo E. Walter, the shop’s unique creations are still made by hand in the traditional way today.


  • REISSWOLF 360°
  • Digital Inbox
  • Digitalisation
  • Document management with REISSWOLF f.i.t.
  • Physical and digital archiving
  • File and data destruction

The project

Tradition meets state of the art. That was the vision Walter Confiserie approached REISSWOLF with. Specifically, the customer wanted to combine their traditional handwork with modern, transparent business processes as part of a paperless office.

This is one of our favourite types of job because it is exactly the kind of project we are looking for. With our portfolio of 360° services for secure data management, we combine analogue and digital data in a sustainable and legally compliant way. This is true of digitalisation, archiving and the destruction of files and data as well.

Our many years of experience in handling all kinds of data responsibly impressed the customer, ultimately leading them to choose to carry this project out with REISSWOLF.

» Never again do we want to miss out on such great transparency
and flexibility as we go about our daily work. «


The customer had already taken the first step by introducing an ERP system for production processes. This means that the core process – from purchasing to production control – was already digital.

They now wanted to work with REISSWOLF to digitalise all secondary, administrative processes.

The first step was to physically store some of the old files in REISSWOLF’s high- security archive. The customer can use the REISSWOLF archiving software to request files at any time, from any location, receiving them either as a hard copy or through scan-on-demand, depending on their requirements.

In addition, REISSWOLF security containers were placed at Walter Confiserie to collect files to be destroyed directly.

At the same time files were being archived, the customer worked to prepare ongoing files for digitalisation by packing them up and having them collected by REISSWOLF. At the digitalisation site, the files had any staples removed by REISSWOLF employees prior to beginning the scanning process.

The files needed to be digitalised in order to be able to manage the documents digitally in future using REISSWOLF f.i.t., thereby achieving the greatest possible transparency throughout all business processes.

REISSWOLF f.i.t. is a web-based, audit- compliant cloud archive that offers customers a modern data management system thanks to its quick search function, which can be accessed any time, anywhere. Several Walter Confiserie employees can access one and the same file at the same time.

Client benefits

Maximum transparency with maxi- mum security for your data – all to the customer’s benefit.

In addition, Walter Confiserie is saving a lot of time and money by digitalising all of its cross-segment processes. Working with REISSWOLF eliminates the need for expensive archive storage rentals and saves the company precious time they pre- viously would have spent on the time- consuming process of searching through files and documents.

Instead, all the relevant documents can now be found quickly, will never again go missing, and the customer no longer has to worry about the legal security of their data.

»Today, Walter Confiserie digitally manages its documents
in an audit- compliant way using the REISSWOLF f.i.t. cloud archive. «

Client Feedback

„Thanks to REISSWOLF, we are delighted to say that we have managed to preserve our traditional values while remaining a modern, digital company. Never again do we want to miss out on such great transparency and flexibility as we go about our daily work. And it was easy for our employees to quickly familiarise themselves with digital business processes.

In addition, both the cost and time savings are a major benefit to us. We’ve freed up resources that we can now use elsewhere. And, as a great side effect, we now have a streamlined office that looks absolutely beautiful“, explains Nils Hölterhoff, CEO of Walter Confiserie.

What’s next

The customer is currently one final step away from having a paperless office. That is why Walter Confiserie is now also considering purchasing a digital inbox. This service would see all of its incoming mail scanned daily.

The customer can then access it in REISSWOLF f.i.t. in addition to its other documents. REISSWOLF also archives all the customer’s physical mail items, destroying them once the retention period expires in accordance with data protection regulations.

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