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Digital inbox FAQ

You can find the frequently asked questions on the REISSWOLF digital inbox here.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to send us an email.

How does it all work?

What is the REISSWOLF digital inbox?

REISSWOLF can digitise your everyday mail and make this available via its own secure cloud solution. The data are stored and protected on database servers in German computer centres. All physical items of mail are also automatically archived and destroyed in line with data protection legislation after the end of the retention period.

How does the change to a digital inbox work?

After a successful test phase, you will receive a mailbox address issued to your company, to which all mail will be sent automatically in future and processed without delay immediately it has been received by the REISSWOLF digitisation centre.

How do I find out that the mail has arrived digitally and that I can access it?

There is secure, password-protected web access and there you will find all the mail in the mailbox, sorted by date. You will also be sent an automated email that tells you about the mailbox.

What system requirements do I need?

None. You only need a current version of a web browser and login data from us. You don't need to install anything extra locally.

How quickly will I receive my mail digitally?

All items of mail that have arrived by 12 noon are digitised on a daily basis and are put into the digital inbox on the same day. All mail that we receive after midday is provided digitally on the following day.

What are the PDFs called, so I can also recognise what they contain?

The document is indexed by date and is consecutively numbered. There is no additional designation, but you can see the content in the preview in the viewer function.

How can I edit my data after they have gone into the mailbox?

There are several options in this case. Either you export individual items of incoming mail from the digital inbox for direct storage in your filing system or you can forward it directly by email.

What happens with the digital mail if a person isn't there – does it get archived?

In our basic service, the data are stored in the digital inbox for one month. The service then ends or you need to book an additional product from us that enables you to archive all data long-term.

How will I receive special items of mail that cannot be digitised?

We can provide you with items such as packages, data carriers and mail-order catalogues automatically on the next day.

How quickly will I get the physical originals back that I need?

After you have received your digital mail, you can also request this physically via a function button. In order to receive it on the following day, we need to receive your order by 4 p.m. on Mondays to Thursdays, and by 12 noon on Fridays.

What do you do if there is an important deadline?

In this case you will be given a special notice and we then either scan the document with your agreement or you will receive the original by express/direct delivery within 3 hours in the Hamburg region. The time requirement for other locations must be individually checked.

Where will the original documents be kept?

We look after your original data for 10 years and retain them in our high-security archive. After the end of the statutory retention period, they are destroyed in line with data protection law and we will give you a certificate confirming this.

Technology and security

Is the digitisation of my company's mail secure?

We have many years of data protection expertise relating to our services that extend from digitisation to archiving and, finally, destruction. Your company's mail is encrypted and transmitted with personalised access.

Where will my digital mail be stored?

Only in German computer centres that are certified as meeting the highest security requirements. We would be happy to send you more detailed information.

Who can view my confidential data?

The privacy of your correspondence is optimally safeguarded by our software-supported and mainly automated recording procedure, with seamless documentation of the individual process steps. Only in exceptional cases, e.g. in order to de-staple mailings, will one of REISSWOLF's permanent employees who is bound by the German Data Protection Act have access to the original documents for a short time.

Are there different file formats for transmitting the business mail?

Each item of incoming mail is provided as a (if necessary, multi-sided) full-text accessible and searchable PDF/A document.

Can't I simply delete scans I don't need?

You can, of course, do that if you do not need to edit the digital mail any more. But please note that we cannot automatically restore these data. You will have to re-scan them again if you do find that you need them. Alternatively, you can leave the data securely in the digital inbox for one month – after which they are automatically deleted.

Contract and costs

Is there the option for a test phase?

Yes, of course. In this case the mail is collected from you by REISSWOLF on a daily basis for a period of 2 weeks and/or sent in secure transport boxes, provided by REISSWOLF, to the digitisation centre. If it needs to move on after that, the postal address is simply changed on the direct mailbox in the digitisation centre.

How long is the minimum contract?

Our minimum contractual period is 12 months. This only begins after the completely non-binding test phase and automatically extends for a further year, or you can terminate it with 6 weeks' notice from the end of the year.

How will I be invoiced for this entire service?

We will send you a monthly invoice by email based on all incoming mail items or document pages. Because the unit price includes all components, i.e. preparing, digitising, archiving and finally destroying your documents, it makes things simple and practical for you. If you also require individual items of mail physically, we will invoice this service as a flat fee.

What does the entire service cost?

The fee is a flat amount per item of mail and number of pages, including preparing, digitising, and digital provision, plus the subsequent physical archiving of the original.

Contract end and temporary document storage

If I archive my mail, can I still access it even years later?

Of course, we would be happy to provide you with individual items of mail, even years afterwards. There is an additional cost involved in cases involving complete mailings. We would be pleased to provide you with an individual proposal.

And what happens to the stored originals at the end of the contract?

We will keep them safely until the end of the retention period of 10 years – at no additional cost. And if you need an original, you can request this, although at a charge, at any time during the entire period.

When do you destroy the originals? Do you do this automatically?

Yes, but of course only after the end of the statutory retention period. This is 10 years and is recorded when your mail is first archived.