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ECM system ELOenterprise

More efficiency for global enterprises.


Technologically leading, scalable and suitable for all well-known platforms: With ELOenterprise, you experience a flow of information that is as secure as it is easy – at the highest corporate level.

Are you looking for a technologically mature system architecture to process information automatically and make it available at all times? Your goal is more efficient and secure business processes? With ELOenterprise you have found the solution. And with REISSWOLF the partner who takes your knowledge and data management to new digital levels.

This scalable and robust enterprise content management system (ECM system) already benefits numerous customers every day – from large organizations to globally operating corporations. Let us take all the steps you need to integrate ELOenterprise into your work environment.

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Independent of operating systems

With ELOenterprise you can plan flexibly for the future. Because the system architecture can be used on all common platforms - from Windows to macOS and UNIX to Linux.

Easy scaling

Do you expect massive growth in the coming years? No problem: The size of the system adapts to your company at any time.

Integrate data

Simplify communication among employees: Existing information can be linked to a central system via various modules and interfaces.

Safe from failures

With its cluster capability, ELOenterprise enables constantly available technical top performance. And as your requirements grow, the system simply grows with them.

Intelligent data analysis

With ELO Analytics you can precisely evaluate all information of your large company or corporate group – no matter if files, documents or emails. Structured knowledge for more efficient business processes.

Work legally compliant

Avoid legal pitfalls: ELOenterprise contains numerous functions with which you file your information according to the regulations of the GDPR.

Your ELO top features

Would you like to save resources through automated business processes and modern search technology? Do you want more efficiency through precise data analysis in real time? This and much more is not only possible, but already integrated into the standard version of ELOenterprise. See for yourself how easy digital work at the highest corporate level can be.

ELO Analytics

for information management

ELO Collaboration

for teamwork

ELO iSearch

for search results

ELO Workflow

for business processes

You want to integrate ELOenterprise into your work environment?
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