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Reach your digitalisation goals.
With government subsidies.
And a strong partner.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) has launched Digital Jetzt, its own funding programme for small and medium-sized enterprises, which aims to promote the digitalisation of your business. For example, with your own online shop, automated data processing or your own cloud solution. The most important aspect for successful funding: the digitalisation plan must match the funding objective and demonstrably facilitate fundamental improvements to your day-to-day work.

Secure up to EUR 50,000
of funding for your company now! *

The advantages of the Digital Jetzt funding programme for small and medium-sized companies:

  • Supporting investments in digital technologies and employee qualifications
  • Reinforcement of competitive and innovative abilities
  • Improved IT security
  • Increased and simpler cross-branch cooperation, e.g. with tradespeople
  • Improved digital standard business processes

You can find out more about the funding programme at

How does the BMWK funding process work?

1. Digitalisation plan

You specify what is to be digitalised and describe it as precisely as possible (process, complexity, time, cost, etc.).

2. Online application

You register on the funding portal, fill out the application form and submit the funding application including the digitalisation plan.

3. Random selection

The application quota is randomly distributed among participating businesses.

4. Checking and approval

After the random selection, the plan is reviewed and, if it passes the review, a subsidy notice is delivered to you.

5. Implementation

You begin the digitalisation process according to your plan, undertake investments, e.g. in hardware and software, in training courses or system landscapes.

6. Proof of use

You submit proof of implementation of the measures to the funding portal, for example by uploading invoices and proof of use.

7. Checking and pay out

The proof of use is checked for accuracy and the funding is subsequently paid out.

The funding modules of the Digital Jetzt programme.

1 Investments in digital technologies

Online shops, document management, invoice processing, home office teamwork tools, document storage – there are countless processes and standard workflows in businesses which could be permanently digitalised, making them more efficient.

Funding module 1 supports both hardware and software.  Condition:  the newly introduced digital technology results in long-lasting positive changes and promotes your company’s internal and external connectivity. A few examples of fundable areas: data-driven business models, artificial intelligence, cloud applications, sensor technology or 3D printing.

An example with 50% funding:

A business with 80 employees wishes to implement a digitalisation project. In order to manage all document and contract management digitally in the future, ECM Suite ELO and ELO Solution Contract are introduced.  Additionally, a digitalisation plan is drafted, describing the investment in the software.

Investment volume: approx. EUR 65,000
Funding rate: 50%

Funding paid by the BMWK: EUR 32,500

Please note!
You can apply for funding in one or both modules.

Please note that you must give specific details of the planned investments in your funding application. More information at

2 Investment in employee qualifications

New IT, new tools, new processes, new hardware:  all of this only works when your employees also know how to use it. It is best to involve them directly in the digitalisation plan, for example via project groups, in order to digitally complement their day-to-day work in the best way possible.

This allows you to establish a digital strategy for your company that will increase efficiency in the long term. Especially because the employees are actively involved themselves.  For this reason, funding module 2 focuses on further training and employee qualifications. For example in the field of IT security, data protection, digital working or also in teaching basic skills to new colleagues.

An extract from the FAQ.

Who can apply for funding?

Small and medium-sized companies from all industries (including tradespeople and freelance professions) with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 499 employees.

What happens after approval?

As a rule, implementation of the digitalisation measures must begin within 12 months and the records of expenditure must then be uploaded to the Digital Jetzt funding portal.

How does the funding work and how much money do companies receive?

The funding is granted as a subsidy which does not need to be paid back. The maximum funding amount is usually EUR 50,000 per company.

How long will the funding programme run for?

Until 31 December 2023.

Which investments are not eligible for funding?

  • Investments intended for obtaining replacements or which can be made on a routine basis, such as additional computers
  • New software without fundamental new functions
  • Initial basic provision of information and communications technology
  • Measures which have already been funded by the EU, the federal government or the federal state
  • Extra expenditure, such as travel, administration or personnel expenses
  • Services provided by companies that are linked to the company applying, such as subsidiaries
  • Development capacities which the company applying could also provide
  • Consulting services (in particular those required to prepare the digitalisation plan)

Which conditions must you fulfil?

Your business premises or branch must be in Germany and the digitalisation project must not have started before funding approval is granted. Furthermore, you must answer the questions in the funding application fully and truthfully, as well as submitting your digitalisation plan. The plan should include the following:

  • Description of the entire digitalisation plan
  • Explanation of the type and number of measures
  • Report on the current state of digitalisation in the company
  • Definition of investment goals
  • Statement on how the company organisation will become more efficient, how new fields of business will be opened up, new business models developed and/or market positions strengthened.

How is the decision made on the applications once accepted?

On the 15th of the month, a decision is made on a random basis (algorithm-based) regarding who will receive funding.
This means that the funding quota will be distributed among all applications submitted until the available budget is exhausted. Subsequently, the selected and submitted applications will be checked against the funding guidelines and approved. If your company was not selected, you may take part in the random decision-making process again the following month. To take part again, you simply need to actively confirm your participation on the funding portal once – without the need for a new registration or input of data.

You can find all the FAQs about the Digital Jetzt programme on the BMWK website at:

Tailor-made REISSWOLF solutions for your digitalisation.

Digitise your archive and
make it digitally searchable.

Folders, portfolios, files, technical drawings, paper and transparent originals of all sizes:  we can digitise your documents and archives in accordance with the law – when appropriate, in one of our REISSWOLF scanning centres across Germany or also on location at your company.

Advantages of the REISSWOLF scanning service:

  • Secure and rapid processing of large archive collections
  • State-of-the-art sheet feed scanner for all formats and requirements including image enhancement
  • Seamless documentation of all process steps
  • Certified and tamper-proof

Save time and money:
with digital purchase invoices.

Purchase invoices are digitised, electronically recorded, pre-checked and forwarded to the appropriate person responsible – for a faster, more cost-effective processing turnaround time.

Advantages of digital purchase invoice processing:

  • Easy integration into existing accounting systems possible
  • Documentation and transparency of all work stages – seamlessly and in real time
  • Legally compliant electronic archiving according to GoBD (German Tax Accounting Standards)

Make digital data flows possible:
with the ELO ECM Suite and REISSWOLF.

Enterprise Content Management, or ECM, enables the efficient digital management of all relevant commercial data – at any location and at any time, and with automatic processing. This means that your company’s know-how can be packaged and made available centrally in a legally compliant manner. The result is increased productivity.

Ideally, you should use an ECM solution that can be additionally adapted to your processes. Such as the ELO ECM Suite, with which you can establish a modern system architecture.

Get your daily post scanned and provided to you by email.

Sorting, distributing, disposal –  paper-based post often takes up valuable time. Thanks to state-of-the-art scanners, your daily post is provided digitally and same-day on the online portal – including email notification.

Advantages of the digital inbox:

  • Secure opening by machine
  • Archiving of originals for 90 days
  • Data protection-compliant destruction of originals
  • Letters can be viewed at any time and from any location

Your own cloud solution
for secure working on the go.

With your own cloud archive, business-related data and documents can be viewed at any time and from any location. This makes working relationships significantly easier, for example by creating a central project file.

Advantages of the cloud solution REISSWOLF f.i.t.:

  • Tailored to your requirements
  • Flexible and secure working on all documents
  • Encrypted access via point-to-point SSL connection

Your REISSWOLF contact partner:

Philip Hartig

Digital incoming invoice processing &

+49 40 334630494

Arne Manteuffel

Digital Inbox &
Cloud Archive REISSWOLF f.i.t.

+49 40 334630494

Create your digitalisation plan now to receive funding of up to EUR 50,000 from the Digital Jetzt funding programme.*

*Depending on the size of your company and the measures you intend to carry out. Funding eligibility also always depends on your company’s initial situation and objectives. Find more information at

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