Daten. Leben.

Our vision and values.

We want companies all over Europe to think of REISSWOLF as the number one company when it comes to dealing with data of all kinds in a legal and responsible manner. As a result, our productivity will grow in line with the digitisation of our working and living environments.

We want to interconnect analogue and digital in a future-oriented and smart way. We provide solutions that our customers can trust, that guarantee them security and continuity. No matter whether physically on paper or digitally – your data are protected and secure at all times and in all places.


  • Our word is our bond. We mean what we say, are respectful and honest when dealing with each other.
  • We have an open-door policy. We listen, support each other and aim for constructive dialogue
    so we can work together to find the best solution.
  • We always keep our eye on our customers in everything we do – because they are the reason we try to improve what we do, day after day.
  • We dare to try new things, without taking unnecessary risks, and have the courage to make mistakes so we can learn something positive from them.
  • We want to constantly think in new ways about data protection and always keep our services under close scrutiny.
  • We demonstrate our motivation and innovation so we can make every day a productive one. We do business fairly and
    enjoy what we do.
  • We aim to be reliable and consistent in the quality of our services, our team and, especially, in the relationship we have with
    our customers, partners and suppliers.
  • We believe that the way we act today shapes what happens in the future – therefore we act sustainably
    and always look for more efficient and environmentally friendly ways of doing things.
  • Our most important value is trust – in our services, in the people who give the REISSWOLF brand its human face.
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