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Minimum effort for you. Maximum protection for your data. With certified data erasure including IT refurbishing.

Devices and data media that are still in good working order (mobile phones, laptops, hard drives, etc.) can have their data and old data fragments removed with certified and GDPR-compliant data erasure from REISSWOLF. You can then hand over your technically and visually reconditioned devices for re-use with a clear conscience. This saves resources and supports the aims of the German Circular Economy Act.

With data erasure from REISSWOLF (in line with data protection guidelines) and IT refurbishing, you can give your IT devices the opportunity for a fresh start.

  • GDPR-compliant data erasure with erasure certificate.
  • Certified erasure software Blancco, recommended by NATO.
  • For secure re-use after IT refurbishing.

  • Germany-wide service solution, tailored to suit your individual needs.

Secure data erasure for mobile devices and data media. With the REISSWOLF Hardware. Box.

Mobile phones & smartphones



Hard drives

If you want mobile devices and data media to have their data erased and be refurbished, one easy way to do this is with the REISSWOLF Hardware. Box. Configure this special transport box and order it directly online. When your box arrives, a few working days later, you can fill it with your data media (packaging material is enclosed) and we will then arrange for it to be picked up.

Desktop computers

Larger data media, or large number of devices? Request our custom service for data erasure including IT refurbishing directly.

For larger numbers of devices or larger hardware like desktop computers or servers, we will gladly put together a tailored quote for you for data erasure followed by refurbishing. In this case, your devices will be collected by specialist IT logistics companies that will pack up all devices securely and deliver them to us.

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Top data protection standards thanks to certified data erasure software.

In REISSWOLF data erasure, any data that remains on the storage and IT devices is erased in accordance with the strict requirements of the GDPR, making any subsequent retrieval of data impossible. We erase data using Blancco, the most certified erasure software. This industry standard is recommended by NATO and is approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). If your data cannot be fully erased for technical reasons, for example, we will shred the entire hardware securely in accordance with DIN 66399.

Certified data erasure from REISSWOLF guarantees that data cannot be recovered. Your devices can be made available for re-use without any risk.

Select the appropriate REISSWOLF service for data erasure and IT refurbishing:

Order REISSWOLF data erasure conveniently online.

Mobile devices & data media  

Order a REISSWOLF Hardware. Box. in the suitable size conveniently and directly online on our portal.

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Request custom data erasure online.

Mobile and stationary devices  Large-scale orders

Get in touch with us and we will put together an individual quote for you.

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The REISSWOLF data erasure and IT refurbishing process for your devices is as follows:

1. Pick-up & transport

Once you have received the REISSWOLF Hardware. Box. and filled it with the specified devices, we will arrange for it to be picked up. For custom orders, a specialist IT logistics company will take care of packaging the devices and transporting them to us.

2. Hardware & functional testing

The device hardware is first checked for correct functioning. This helps us to assess whether data erasure followed by refurbishing will be possible and worthwhile. If not, your devices will be forwarded to data media shredding.

3. Certified data erasure

Your data media and devices undergo data erasure in line with data protection regulations. All data is irretrievably removed with the patented data erasure software Blancco. Once the data has been erased, you will receive a certificate as confirmation of erasure for each device.

4. Depersonalisation and reconditioning

Refurbishing begins with cleaning of the device. Stickers with IT inventory numbers and name labels are also removed, for data protection purposes. The devices are then prepared for a second use and ultimately placed back on the market.

More sustainable than shredding: data erasure for devices that are still fully functional.

Thanks to REISSWOLF data erasure and IT refurbishing, electronic data media can be given a second life cycle. This process is much more sustainable and cost-effective than the equally secure data media shredding followed by recycling of the raw materials.

The concept of erasure and re-use is also set down in the German Circular Economy Act. By choosing to extend the service lives of electronic devices and data media, you are actively helping to protect our resources and reduce electrical waste.

Sustainability that goes far beyond our services.

At REISSWOLF, we put sustainability into practice not only with our environmentally friendly services like data erasure that allow devices to be re-used securely. We also take responsibility for greater climate protection in our day-to-day business as a company. We implement a range of measures to establish processes at our site that conserve resources as much as possible.

Your individual REISSWOLF service request for data erasure followed by IT refurbishing.

For larger quantities or stationary devices, or if you desire a custom service, we will gladly put together a tailored quote for you. Simply enter your devices in the device list and use this form to send us the completed list.

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