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REISSWOLF security containers.

Whether as large-volume collection containers for archiving solutions or for the destruction of documents that are no longer required – only REISSWOLF provides fireproof aluminium security containers with a special electronic locking system. Depending on the size, they can be filled with documents, misprints, entire files, x-ray images, CDs, DVDs, bank cards or hard drives.

Benefits to you

  • Assignment of individual locking rights to protect against unauthorised access
  • Automatic event logging
  • Seamless monitoring of RFID containers
  • Security containers only opened by chip cards with explicit identification number
  • Immediate deactivation of cards after reported lost and easy replacement of cards
  • Cover alarm so you can't forget to lock the security container
  • Automatic locking function as soon as the cover is closed
  • Maximum security at very moderate prices

An important note with a request for attention:

Please do not dispose of old mobile phones, batteries or accumulators of any kind in our security containers. Such faulty throws can lead to dangerous explosions & fires in our systems, as they contain flammable and corrosive substances. Please understand that in the case of a clear proof of a faulty throw-in and a thereby caused damage, liability consequences will follow.

All our security containers at a glance

REISSWOLF security containers

RW 70 – the special compact container
Dimensions:L 42 cm × W 42 cm × H 60 cm
Volume:70 l or max. 10 document files
Application: compact solution at low levels of demand,
ideal for data carriers
Location:small rooms or under the desk
Filling:through slit in the lid, or lid can be completely folded back
RW 240 – the all-rounder
Dimensions:L 48 cm × W 58 cm × H 101 cm
Volume:240 l, approx. 90 kg or max. 30 document files
Application:  universal application, as suitable for transporting up and down steps
Location:copier room, computer centres, basements, etc.
Filling:through slit in the lid, or lid can be folded back
RW 350 – the practical companion
Dimensions:L 90 cm × W 69 cm × H 90 cm
Volume:350 l or max. 50 document files
Application: universal application
Location:at ground level, or can be transported in the lift
Filling:through slit in the lid, or lid can be completely folded back
RW 500 – the giant
Dimensions:L 118 cm × W 69 cm × H 100 cm
Volume:500 l or max. 70 document folders
Application: spacious solution for bulky paper waste contents such as cardboard packaging
Location:at ground level, or can be transported in the lift
Filling:through lid that can be completely folded back

Archiving solution/waste disposal

Spacious container – the solution to your requirements
Dimensions:various sizes
Volume:from 13-30 m³ depending on requirements
Application: complete archiving solutions or large data sets
Location:delivered and collected by special REISSWOLF vehicles
Filling:depending on model, accessible via large side-openings or sliding lid from above
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