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External Archiving.

Space for what's important.

REISSWOLF screens, categorizes and archives your data stocks. Furthermore, thanks to hybrid archiving, your analog data can be made available to you digitally.

Arrange an appointment with us and we will develop an individual archiving concept for your company based on the scrutinised physical data sets.

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Our web-based REISSWOLF archive. manager. enables you to issue instructions for new additions, document requirements – on demand physically or as scans – labelling, access rights or, finally, destruction in line with data protection legislation.

With our hybrid archiving, we offer you a solution in which physical stored file inventories can be supplemented with digital files. The digital files are thus integrated into your archive stocks and run parallel. This allows you to digitize only when needed and still have access to your entire archived company knowledge at all times.

Do you know how much your internal archiving costs annually? You'd be surprised how much you can save by outsourcing. Use our free Archive Budget Check to find out how you can easily reduce your archiving costs.

Get to know us and our services better – the experience reports of our customers make it possible.

Benefits to you

  • Advice on all issues relating to physical and digital document archiving and management – including for large projects.
  • Physical document archiving in high-security archive facility with 24/7 web-based access/retrievability.
  • Seamless documentation of all archiving steps and permanent management via the web-based archiving software from REISSWOLF.
  • Definition of user groups and information about every document movement easily available – either regionally or across offices.
  • Documents transported, archived and accessed only by our own staff.
  • On-demand scanning also possible at all times.
  • Back-up storage in IT data boxes with collection and delivery service.
  • Certified for quality management under ISO 9001:2015.
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