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REISSWOLF Archive Budget Check.

Welcome to REISSWOLF A.B.C. (Archive Budget Check)
Check your internal cost structure in only 2 min!

(if own property, approximate rent in EUR / m² per month)

(searching, retrieving, transporting, returning documents; adding new documents)

(EUR per hour; actual costs of the persons working with the archive)

Please fill in all fields correctly for the calculation.

DETAILS of your current costs of internal archiving:

rent/m² (€)per monthper year
space2020,0020 x 20,00 = 400,00 €400,00 € x 12 = 4.800,00 €
hourscost/h (€)per monthper year
workforce2020,0020 x 20,00 = 400,00 €400,00 € x 12 = 4.800,00 €
costs per year4.800,00 €4.800,00 €
per yearper month
Your total, accumulated internal archive costs9.600,00 €800,00 €

You are not alone - hidden costs are often underestimated!

Reduce costs and improve the security and the quality of your archive management:

  • get your archive restructured by true archiving professionals 
  • improve security of your archive; control the accessibility of your archive 
  • manage expiry dates of the documents & securely shred them once they are expired 
  • anonymously store your documents in a place with humidity control, fire alarm etc. 
  • search, retrieve and order documents via online 24/7 access 

And save up to 25% on your current costs!

Ask for our free archiving and security consultancy!
We would also be pleased to advise you on the topics of scanning and digitisation, digital archives and DMS.

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