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Integrated directly into your system.
Independent of time and location.

The REISSWOLF digital inbox is a simple plug-n-play solution. It does not require any installation, no conversion of your own systems. Only one decision: to start with the paperless office today. Secured by the highest REISSWOLF security standards for your data. Let us find the right solution for your company together.

It's as simple as that:


You have the choice: Either we provide you with a digital mailbox and redirect all incoming letters via a redirection order. Or you can set up a post office box and have only the letters of selected business contacts sent to us via it.


Thanks to high-end scanners, every letter becomes a PDF document with full text search. Data protection compliant and standardised. The original letter is archived for 4 weeks as standard and then securely destroyed.


The entire incoming mail will be divided into different document types, such as invoice, advertising, order, etc., according to your request. This way it can be allocated more quickly. If desired, the contents contained in the letters can also be read out - for easier handling.


Your digitized incoming mail is provided as an all-inclusive service via our cloud platform. Alternatively, we transfer the digital data securely via VPN into your network or feed it directly into an existing DMS. If desired also directly to the right contact person. We are also happy to enable integration into other systems.

Efficient, convenient and
uncomplicated integration into processes.

With REISSWOLF's digital inbox, your incoming mail finds a direct route into existing digital processes. Without detours, without being tied to a specific location and without losses due to holidays or sick days.

Reliable &
24/7 access


Integration into
your systems

Your mail. Our digital service. Your advantages.

We turn your daily company mail into a clearly arranged digital inbox. Precisely tailored to your needs and without minimum quantity.

The inclusive services of your digital inbox:

  • High-end scan of the daily mail
  • Full text recognition
  • Provision in the online portal
  • Provision via VPN
  • Archiving of the originals for 4 weeks
  • Destruction of the originals in compliance with data protection regulations

Add-on options for even greater efficiency:

Classification of mail
in invoice, order, contract, offer, delivery note and much more for direct processing.

Integration into existing DMS
The integration of incoming mail can also be imported directly into a document management system.

Scanning the receivers
Documents are directly assigned to departments, employees, etc. and thus placed in the right processes.

Invoice recognition
Synchronization with your ERP systems and automatic transfer to your DMS/ECM for the verification and release process.

Permanent online storage
in the cloud archive on servers in Germany for optimal data security.

Physical long-term archiving
Storage of incoming letters in high-security archives for documentation as required.

Physical delivery of the originals
As soon as possible by regular mail, if an original is needed.

The advantages of the digital inbox:

  • Daily update of your incoming mail
  • Secure automatic letter opening
  • High-end scanning under strictest data protection regulations
  • Optical character recognition for easy full text search
  • fast access: independent of time and location
  • Plug-n-Play solution without installation
  • Easy to integrate into your systems and digital processes
  • Data storage on servers in German data centers
  • Secure long-term archiving including certified destruction possible

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Digital corporate mail – with guaranteed security.

Decades of experience in handling confidential data make REISSWOLF the ideal partner for the digitalisation of your company mail. Because for us, data protection is not a service-on-top, but a core service.

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