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Everything continues to grow: documentation requirements, digital diagnostic data, physical archives and, above all, time & cost pressure. The term "growth", which actually has a positive connotation, is turning into an immense burden for everyone involved in many healthcare facilities.

Yet everything can be better: With the digitalization and networking of your data, we make positive growth possible for you again: more supply security, clear competitive advantages, increasing profits and converging knowledge levels. This turns an immense burden into maximum relief.

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How do we make your life easier and your work simpler?

Step 01: We digitize your hospital archive. You save space, time and costs.

We currently digitize over 20,000 patient records per week – so your hospital archive will quickly become history, too.

Packing and collection of the original files by REISSWOLF's own fleet of vehicles or on a daily basis by our cooperation partner DHL.

Prepare paper files and remove identifiable duplicates. Performing a test scan & validating the offer.

Digitization on high performance scanners in duplex process with double sheet feed controls. Including cropping, straightening and according to detail adjustment of your test scan change between black and white and 4c.

Evaluation and packaging of scan data. Recognition of register pages as well as document type via barcode, QR code or free-form recognition.

Quality and completeness checks. Checking data compatibility and completeness of all front and back pages.

Transfer to the client's archiving system. Data preparation for all known archiving systems such as: ELO, d.velop, Optimal Systems, SER, HYDMedia and others. Online transfer via secured VPN connections.

How do we simplify interprofessional patient care?

Step 02: We connect your digital patient file with your HIS. You are securely up to date in every area at all times.

The connection to HIS solutions from leading manufacturers, laboratory systems, RIS/PACS and other subsystems ensures data transparency and operational procedures in both medical and administrative areas.

Everyone in the hospital documents in real time, there is no more illegible handwriting, but more security in patient care. No entry is lost and all areas are efficiently networked.

We prevent media discontinuities between any paper documents that may still be required and the digital data form as well as the interfaces between the individual programs with our additional solutions such as the REISSWOLF e-Pen for mobile data capture.

How do we accelerate your processes sustainably?

Step 03: We create interfaces and establish links where you need them. You are always ready to act.

  • You might also work with Microsoft Office, SAP or DATEV, for example? No problem for us, because our DMS/ECM solution ELO effortlessly ties in where you need it.

  • To simplify the implementation of medical process flows between the systems involved and the creation of interoperability between different operators and manufacturers, ELO offers you a high level of interface compatibility.

  • Standardized structures such as HL7, MDM, ADT, LDAP, ArchiveLink or DICOM are easily mapped together with our partner Synedra.

  • Whether integration into the existing IT environment or individual extensions, everything is easily represented and available.

How else can we convince you?

With our numerous references.

Successful digitization projects and the development and integration of individually tailored ECM/DMS solutions in many hospitals throughout Germany speak for themselves – or rather for us as an experienced ELO Business Partner for your digital hospital. And of course we also have certifications to offer.

That's what Med4ELO from REISSWOLF can do.

All medical documents, images and videos at a glance.

Quick and easy access to all medically relevant data of a patient is the key to the essentials: Time for quality patient care.

Medical users want to be able to display and edit all necessary data formats in a uniform viewer. This includes documents, X-ray and other radiological image data, wound photos, ECGs, videos, sonograms etc. The combination of ELO + Med4ELO + Synedra AIM Viewer creates the multimedia patient record. This offers all the functionalities for effective management, fast use and secure control of medical information throughout its lifecycle, making today's clinics ready for tomorrow. Progressive, multimedia, user-friendly, certified, quality-assured, integratable with HIS.

The aim

  • Integrated and simplified handling of media diversity and data abundance in hospital practice.
  • Minimization of idle time and risk.
  • The convincing feeling of security and maximum efficiency.

With the digital patient file, you have already arrived in the hospital future. Multimedia functionality & holistic focus. The result: Complete overview, lean structures, high patient satisfaction.

Hospital knowledge management in flow
with Med4ELO

  • Independent of system and manufacturer, Med4ELO brings together information from various sources on a single platform and enables access from a wide variety of directions.
  • Via standard interfaces, Med4ELO archives and indexes data from HIS and diagnostic systems and supplements all archived patient and case data to form a digital overall history (PEPA – personal electronic health record).
  • The import of mass data, master data and document exchange, digital deadline control and physical file lending are just a few of a number of adequate integration modules.
  • Med4ELO knows no standard solutions, only individual cases.

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