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REISSWOLF shreds your electronic data media. The raw materials live on.

Defective, obsolete or worn out: REISSWOLF takes care of the shredding of your electronic data media such as hard drives and other storage devices in line with data protection guidelines. If devices cannot be reconditioned profitably or if no data erasure software is available for them, we can still shred them reliably in accordance with DIN 66399 or ISO/IEC 21964, in compliance with the relevant protection rating and security level. All that is left is the raw materials, which are then sent off to be recycled professionally. 

The sustainable end for your defective hardware and used data media. Securely collected, shredded and recycled by REISSWOLF.

  • Compliance with protection ratings and security levels to DIN 66399 or ISO/IEC 21964
  • Compliant with data protection regulations
  • Special security containers for collecting the devices and data media
  • Shredding certificate issued after data media shredding
  • Picked up from your premises directly
  • Sustainable waste management in accordance with German Circular Economy Act

You can have the following non-functional electronic data media and devices shredded by us in line with data protection guidelines – shredding certificate included:

Hard drives

HDD hard drives
SSD storage devices
External devices

IT infrastructure

Desktop computers
Printers & scanners

Mobile devices

Mobile phones & smartphones

Other data storage devices

USB sticks
Memory cards
CDs & DVDs

Full data protection, from pick-up to re-use.

Throughout the entire process of shredding data media and recycling hardware, our trained employees constantly observe the protection ratings and security levels. The REISSWOLF shredder systems are operated in strict compliance with the regulations of DIN 66399 or ISO/IEC 21964 and GDPR. In this way, we ensure that your electronic data media, storage media and devices are made permanently unreadable.

How data media shredding and IT recycling works at REISSWOLF:

  1. After you have placed an order, REISSWOLF will send you a security container for the collection and safe storage of your unwanted devices, hard drives and other data media.
  2. In the pick-up stage, we load the filled security containers into our secured REISSWOLF vehicles.
  3. When data media are shredded, they are all destroyed in accordance with DIN 66399 or ISO/IEC 21964 to make them irretrievable. A shredding certificate is then issued.
  4. The electrical scrap is then sent off for recycling.

In Hamburg, Berlin and the surrounding area.

  • Data shredding on your company’s premises or within your reach with our REISSWOLF Mobile. Shredder. Vehicles. 
  • Protected emptying of the security containers & video monitoring of the automatic shredding process.
  • For the data protection requirements of GDPR and DIN 66399 or ISO/IEC 21964 and shredding up to security level 7 (protection rating 3).

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Fließband mit geschredderter Elektronik

Meet the standards of the German Circular Economy Act. Have electrical scrap recycled professionally.

Electronic data media contain many valuable raw materials such as cobalt, nickel, lithium and copper. Thanks to the REISSWOLF certified data shredding process followed by recycling, these raw materials can be extracted from non-functional devices, old hard drives and other used storage media and re-used.

Having data media materials recycled professionally makes a significant contribution to the sustainable use of resources, supporting the aims of the German Circular Economy Act. After all, sound waste management preserves natural resources and protects humankind and the environment.

Use certified REISSWOLF data media shredding followed by recycling for your defective IT devices and data storage media.


Our mission: to make data protection sustainable.

With our services like data media shredding and IT recycling, we are already fully geared towards sustainability. At REISSWOLF, however, we consider our corporate responsibility to the environment as an all-inclusive endeavour. Accordingly, we take a number of measures, large and small, in our daily work to enable us to do business in the future with even greater resource efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

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