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Advantage for SMEs & REISSWOLF customers: Online data protection officer. External, secure and inexpensive

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Wouldn't it be nice to have a team of fully qualified lawyers, IT experts and business economists who always keep an eye on the latest knowledge about data protection and data security in their own company? A utopian idea for small and medium-sized enterprises. But now, with Deutsche Datenschutz Consult, it's very easy. 

With a clear SME focus, digital know-how and legal expertise, a data protection management portal was designed with which all processes can be designed to conform to data protection requirements. Together with monthly lump sums according to demand, data protection within the company becomes transparent and plannable. Legal risks and personnel costs are minimized, while in return the current legal performance increases.

In addition, a unique service is available to all interested parties in advance of a possible collaboration: The Compliance Quick Check evaluates the current status of the company with regard to the implementation of the essential GDPR requirements.

We are pleased to have once again found an innovative partner who, just like us at REISSWOLF, is committed to making data handling as simple and secure as possible for its customers with high performance standards. And we are pleased to be able to present our attractive consulting services to you.

You can find out more about the scope of services, costs and benefits here
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