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"Attention: Blind spot!"

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Security is a value that REISSWOLF has been living for years in the interests of its customers. At REISSWOLF, security and the associated idea of protection do not just begin with the transfer of customer data. Our protective measures begin with our trained and attentive drivers, who make their way day after day through the major cities throughout Europe.

In order to support them and all other road users in the best possible way, all REISSWOLF trucks and vans in Hamburg and Schwerin carry the sticker of Aktion Kinder-Unfallhilfe e. V. ("Children's Accident Relief Campaign") "Attention: Blind spot!".

The project of Aktion Kinder-Unfallhilfe e. V. wants to sensitize all road users to the dangers of the blind spot. The problem of the restricted field of vision is still present, especially when large motor vehicles turn off. REISSWOLF is also aware of this. The stickers on the back of our trucks at the height of the visible area of cyclists mark the danger area to the right of the truck and thus also serve as a reminder for the youngest in road traffic.

The initiative of the German road transport industry offers these stickers free of charge for silo and tanker trailers, buses, trailers and transporters. Simply join in here!

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