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Data protection in the office: Secure copying and printing

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You sit at the PC, print something, go to the copier and then search for your printout between several uncollected printouts from colleagues. Almost everyone is familiar with this situation. Most people don't even realize that the same data protection regulations apply to this device as to PCs and desktops.

At the latest, if sensitive company data or even personal data are included in the printouts, for example from the personnel department, this is not only highly critical, but clearly a breach of data protection.

However, not only human error, but also modern multifunction devices themselves can trigger such situations. This makes it relatively easy to restore data traces despite erasing the main memory. Conclusion: The topic of data protection in printing is more complex than it initially seems.

Tips on how to deal with data to be copied and how to delete data correctly or change passwords can be found in the folllowing action guide for photocopiers, published by the Bremen State Commissioner for Data Protection, Germany. Please understand that the guide is only available in German.

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