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E-mail address hacked? Do a free online check now

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The Doxing affair at the beginning of the year made many Internet users aware of the dangers of an identity theft steel. The key to this is often the e-mail address, which almost always functions as a log-in name when shopping online, on social networks or in cloud and payment services. And to whom the "forgotten password" e-mails are usually sent...

The Hasso-Plattner-Institut's HPI Identity Leak Checker checks and informs you whether your e-mail address is in circulation in connection with personal data such as credit card data, telephone numbers or passwords. The basis of the comparison is a database in which all known leaks are entered and regularly updated. It now contains more than eight billion corrupted data records.

The following rules offer more data protection: The password for the email account should not be used anywhere else, complex & not too easy. It should be beyond that and ideally only select providers with 2-factor authentication procedures. Google now even offers authorisation via a physical chip key, without which it is not possible to log on to new computers & smartphones.

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