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Our Ukrainian partner is fighting in Kiev. What can we do?

Sergii Aloni

There is a war going on in Europe. A war that many thought impossible and that claims lives on both sides every day. A war that will permanently change the world in which we live. Like many other companies in Germany, we have decided not only to take a stand, but also to provide active support as best we can.

REISSWOLF has already terminated all business activities with Russia and cancelled the location. Our partner in Ukraine has received extensive offers of help, from financial relief to taking in family and company members here in Germany. Currently we are collecting clothes and needed goods as well as food for a relief transport. We hope very much that we can all meet again unharmed in the shortest possible time. But this is probably wishful thinking. Nobody comes out of this experience unharmed.

We would like to put the words of our brave partner Sergii Aloni, which he was able to send us by mail, without comment at the end of this news. They speak more than for themselves:

„Many thanks for all the support friends! Our people see and know that the whole world is behind us, and it gives us a lot of believe in ourselves, and that we can stand. We have many people dead. Kids, woman, soldiers. crucial infrastructure is 90% dead all over Ukraine, no water, light in many cities… but we hope for the best, it may end soon, we have a chance to stop it, now we have mostly street fights, less Avia strikes, thank you for everything, with love from Ukraine ????????❤️

I stay in Kyiv, fighting for my country, will not run nowhere, this is my city and I will stay here to the end.“

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