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Personal Data – The Business of the Online World

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Personal information about online users are very important and coveted by companies that offer their goods and services on the Internet.

But how easily and quickly are we, as Germans, prepared to disclose our personal data?

PwC and Content Echo have investigated this question and come to the conclusion that the minds behind this issue are divided.

While the younger generation considers it quite positive if their personal interests are taken into account in advertising and the purchasing process, the older generation is rather sceptical about this and finds it uncanny.

Nevertheless, 15% now use an intelligent language assistant and agree with the recording and analysis of their private conversations, as long as the benefits for them outweigh.

Equally interesting is the fact that although around 75% of all German citizens fear that their data could fall into the wrong hands, they are still surprisingly generous if they receive a corresponding financial equivalent for their data. The more personal the data, the higher the price and the less important the issue of data protection.

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