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REISSWOLF Hamburg supports Viva con Agua fundraising campaign

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Two teachers from the vocational schools BS01 and BS02 in Anckelmannstraße, Hamburg had a brilliant idea. Why not the deposit money, which is used daily in the schools remaining plastic bottles for donation purposes? Hardly thought – already done! The only thing missing was suitable collection containers into which the empty plastic bottles could be thrown.

With this question Anke Finck, vocational school teacher at BS01, approached REISSWOLF. We immediately liked the idea and wanted to support it.
Without further ado, we converted three of our 240 REISSWOLF security containers into collection containers for empties. These now stand for a really good cause in the entrance areas of the schools.

The money collected will be used for the charity Never Play Alone-St. Pauli e.V. in cooperation with Viva con Agua de St. Pauli e.V.. The donation money will be used to finance the construction of a well in Mwend, Rwanda, which will supply the school and the neighbouring village with water. In addition, water supply points and sanitary facilities are to be built and the pupils and villagers are to be trained in hygiene and water use.

We are happy that we could support this great fundraising campaign with our contribution.

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