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REISSWOLF presents itself to the NordExperten

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In January 2018 REISSWOLF International AG was a guest for the first time at one of the weekly meetings of the NordExperten and introduced itself as a company there.

The association NordExperten e.V. is a professional business network in the district of Pinneberg/Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Niedersachsen. The growing group of regional entrepreneurs, consisting of tradesmen and providers of various services, has been meeting week after week since 2010 to exchange experiences and to support each other in major projects.

The REISSWOLF company presentation, which showed the successful transformation from a pure data and document destruction company to a provider of a unique all-round service portfolio, aroused lively interest among the members of the NordExperten.

Today REISSWOLF offers services that accompany data throughout its life, from digitisation, through archiving, to destruction, and guarantees the highest security standards as a data protection expert.

Further guest lectures by REISSWOLF on individual products and services are planned, but REISSWOLF is also considering membership of the NordExperten.

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