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REISSWOLF trains again & continues to grow

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For years we have relied on the training of our own specialists and have had very good experience with this. And especially in a stressful time, which demands more solidarity and responsibility from all of us, we believe it is particularly important to offer young people prospects.

Whether through dual studies or classic vocational training: We welcome young people who, like us, are enthusiastic about legally compliant and responsible handling of data of all kinds and mobile digital work and who would like to accompany us on this path.
This year we are pleased to welcome two future office management assistants as well as a wholesale management assistant and a prospective IT specialist for system integration.

In addition, we welcome new employees in our service centre as well as in the IT and Inside Sales team. We are delighted to welcome so many new REISSWÖLFE and will make every effort to ensure that they feel welcome, cared for and supported.

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