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itsme – Netherlands.

itsme is an international group of five companies. Originally started as a family business, itsme is now the largest independent wholesaler in the Netherlands and the market leader in the supply of electrical and mechanical components and related services to industrial end-users, machine builders and technical installers.

itsme is represented by 550 employees in 21 branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Romania and Spain.

With a stock of more than 20,000 articles and an assortment of almost 1.5 million articles, itsme guarantees a tailor-made service.


  • Unified solution for all confidential data flows at Dutch itsme sites
  • 100% secure file and data destruction

The task

An internationally operating company like itsme processes enormous amounts of personal and sensitive data on a daily basis. This includes both employee and customer data. Secure archiving and data destruction is therefore an absolute must. itsme was looking for a uniform solution for all confidential document flows for its 13 Dutch branches. From the daily printing of order forms to the stored archive.

„The problem was not archiving the documents. We have sufficient space in our house for our own archive. Our primary concern was the management and secure destruction of outdated archive material,“ says Stan van Steen, a member of itsme staff.

The daily confidential paper flows were to be 100% safely disposed of and destroyed.„Every day, we strive to relieve our customers so that they can concentrate fully on their core business. This also means that they don‘t have to worry about the confidentiality of their data,“ explains Stan van Steen.

Important criteria in the search for the right partner in the area of archive management and file and data destruction were a central, reliable contact point with fast response times and flexibility.

„We promise our customers that we will help them to be successful. And we expect the same from our suppliers. They must relieve us so that we can concentrate on our core business. REISSWOLF really does fulfil this role very well and efficiently,“ says Stan van Steen, Facility Affairs.

» Secure archiving and data destruction have top priority at itsme. «

The implementation

itsme and REISSWOLF have been partners since 2001. At the beginning of this long cooperation, a uniform process was set up for all branches. This process can be easily implemented in new itsme branches again and again. Thanks to REISSWOLF‘s national coverage, we can offer our customers a professional service in this area.

All Dutch branches of itsme are equipped with RW240 containers. These particularly safe aluminium containers not only offer optimum safety, but also look professional. The containers can be emptied on request. This saves unnecessary kilometres and is also cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

The separation of normal paper waste and documents with sensitive data is carried out according to a clear protocol. Employees are actively trained right from the start so that no ambiguities can arise. All confidential materials are securely collected by REISSWOLF and destroyed within 24 hours of receipt in accordance with the highest European guidelines.

itsme works intensively on the digitisation of its services, which leads to an ever smaller physical archive. REISSWOLF supports the dissolution of old archives by correct collection and secure destruction of old data. After each destruction, itsme receives a digital guarantee certificate from REISSWOLF.

„In any case, the implementation of the REISSWOLF system. The containers are equipped with an electronic lock and alarm system to make the collection and destruction of confidential data even more secure,“ says Stan van Steen.

The customer benefit

Itsme saves time and money thanks to the uniform approach to data management and destruction for all Dutch locations. Even more important, however, is that confidential customer data is processed and stored 100% securely and reliably. REISSWOLF‘s method meets all the requirements of European data protection legislation (known in the Netherlands as AVG). A reassuring thought for the customer.

REISSWOLF‘s central contact point, which can serve all itsme branches through- out the country, ensures that current developments can be reacted to quickly and proactively. Stan van Steen explains: „This is really a plus for us. We can rely on REISSWOLF blindly. Agreements are fulfilled and suitable solutions are found quickly. Problems are solved immediately and efficiently“.

itsme attaches great importance to giving its partners a lot of responsibility. How- ever, this is only possible if both parties trust each other thoroughly. REISSWOLF has taken this trust into account by offering fast and flexible solutions for all questions of data management and destruction. Through flexible emptying, a fixed contact person and a 100% secure process, the risks involved in collecting and destroying data relevant to data protection are considerably reduced.

» The REISSWOLF system secures the security containers
with electronic lock and alarm system. «

The perspective

The cooperation with itsme is a textbook example of how REISSWOLF appeals to all its customers: with trust, responsibility and 100% security at the centre. In all aspects of our service, we always strive to serve our customers as optimally as possible. With the increasing tightening of national and European legislation in the area of data security and data protection, it becomes clear how important the right partner is in this area.
For good reason it is called: REISSWOLF simply. done.

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