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Property management and real estate

Hamburg Financial Authority.

Hamburg’s property management and real estate authority (Landesbetrieb Immobilien- management und Grundvermögen, LIG) develops and markets municipal spaces for housing construction, office use and industry on behalf of the Senate. Efficient management enables the LIG to develop and manage municipal properties while maintaining their value. In this way, the LIG secures future space and financial prospects.

The LIG is divided into five departments:

  • Management and service
  • Project development
  • Marketing
  • Stock management
  • Land and portfolio management


  • Digitisation of 20,000 files with 1,400,000 DIN A4 documents and 40,000 drawings
  • Documents collected once a week
  • Files made available on demand, even during the digitisation process


The LIG is archiving all its documents from paper transaction files. In the course of the Germany-wide transition to electronic transaction files, it was important to keep working methods uniform.

» Digitisation has enabled us to reduce the workload by roughly half and the quality
of the digitised documents is even better than that of the paper ones. «


The transaction files contained large-scale plans up to DIN A0 in addition to normal correspondence in DIN A4.

The documents were digitised in black and white and in colour and, once approval was given, the digitised collection was destroyed.

Client-orientated process

The DMS, was run through in a trial run with test files. Files were collected and transported to the digitisation site on a weekly basis.

The documents were processed as soon as they were received. The progress status of each file could be accessed at any time thanks to in-house standardised production software that collects, monitors and logs all data.

The files were also made available during digitisation as required. The file management also provided an overview of the ongoing file requirements, and of the tasks and deadlines.

Client benefits

As its data collection has not yet been fully digitised, the LIG currently works with a mixture of paper documents and digitised ones. A direct comparison makes the advantage of using digital files particularly striking. Files can be accessed in seconds; complex archive searches are no longer necessary. Additionally, a file can be accessed by more than one member of staff at a time, and the entire file collection is always available.

Digitisation has reduced the workload by almost 50% and the quality of the digitised documents is better than that of the paper ones. Furthermore, resubmission dates can now be distributed across the system, eliminating the need for issuing instructions by phone or email.

Client feedback

The head of the record office has provided the following summary:

„We were extremely satisfied with all aspects of how the project was handled! We had very productive talks with the project managers from the outset and the management team was also very flexible in terms of accommodating our requirements. We were impressed with how transparent the workflows were.

For example, staff from a wide range of departments could take part in workshops while the DMS compilation and test phase was still in progress, enabling their practical experience to be incorporated into the project as a whole.”


Following the successful implementation and very positive response from the staff, the LIG is planning to further expand its digitisation. Other public authorities want to follow the LIG’s example, which is something we are greatly looking forward to.

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