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5 tips on how to reduce the climate effect of your website

Every website has a climate effect. However, few people immediately associate the topic of CO2 emissions with their own website.  But did you know that the typical website generates about 1.76 grams of carbon dioxide per pageview? Calculated on 10,000 pageviews per month - and that is still relatively low - the Website Carbon Calculator puts the total annual carbon dioxide emissions at 211 kilograms.

The CO2 calculator bases its calculations on data transfer, energy consumption and the electricity used in the data center. It also takes into account the average CO2 emissions from power generation and the number of website visitors. Without plugin, the result is certainly not one hundred percent, but it provides a rough value.

Calculate the CO2 emissions of your website with the Website Carbon Calculator and reduce them sustainably with these 5 tips:
  1. SEO optimized and clearly worded texts help website visitors find desired information quickly & easily, thus reducing page views.
  2. Images and videos should be as small as possible and not used in excess.
  3. For custom web fonts, pay attention to the number of font files and different font styles. A single font file or bold can be up to 250kb each.
  4. Choose a data center close to your target audience, this will not only save energy but will additionally help your website load faster.
  5. Also, when choosing your hosting provider, make sure that they use renewable energy for their data centers.

5 tips that show that sustainability can be implemented with little effort. At REISSWOLF, we are also strongly committed to resource conservation and sustainability. Both through digital processes and solutions, as well as through services such as our data deletion & refurbishment, where we evaluate used hardware and either reuse it sensibly or recycle it sustainably.

More info on data deletion & refurbishment

And what do you do with your discarded hardware? We would be happy to provide you with a free quote

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