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First climate-neutral locations due to REISSWOLF Go. Green.

REISSWOLF was ISO 14001 certified last year. We wanted to successfully implement this industry-independent standard for corporate environmental management, not only to be able to show our efforts transparently to the public, but above all to continuously drive forward our ongoing improvements in environmental protection. An objective benchmark & ambitious yardstick at the same time.

Since then, we have succeeded in making numerous improvements. On many levels. And we will continue to do so. REISSWOLF Go. Green. was developed. Our sustainability concept in cooperation with ClimatePartner. You are welcome to read in detail on our website about the concrete savings values and projects behind it. For example, the promotion of wind farms in India and South Africa or the first 3 large climate-neutral locations of ours according to the triple "calculate, reduce and offset". Audited and professionally accompanied by one of the most renowned climate protection companies worldwide: ClimatePartner. Together, we now calculate our CCF (Corporate Carbon Footprint) annually, which is made up of direct and indirect emissions such as purchased energy. Indirect emissions that occur outside our company, e.g. via logistics processes or raw materials, are not taken into account. The good thing about the annual reviews is that new savings potentials are always discovered and this amount will continuously decrease over the years. In addition, we encourage every person in the company to think and work sustainably, because even small changes are important and add up. Using resources sparingly can make such a big difference. By saving two kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per tonne of paper during the energy-intensive secure shredding of our clients' confidential documents in Hamburg 2022, we added up to over 24,000 kWh - the equivalent of 14,112 kilos less CO2. A good value and the goal for this year is now to save another 2 kWh per tonne of paper... Other measures are also showing initial environmental protection effects: Whether it's the switch to sustainable rotation, remote work models, carpooling, a 100% purely regional recycling quota of our paper or the in-house water treatment for mineral water. It is also good to see that more and more employees are contributing ideas.

The next steps are now being taken towards E-mobility. In order to better meet our responsibility for a sustainable environment, we have acquired the first Volvo E-truck for the Hamburg city area. This is a conscious investment that is not primarily driven by business considerations. We are all the more pleased to be able to drive quietly and emission-free through the districts of Barmbek and Wandsbek in the future, in order to provide data protection in an environmentally conscious manner on a daily basis. We are irreversibly on the way to more sustainability - please join us!


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