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Prevent data breaches by training and raising awareness among your employees

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Companies can easily counteract the inexperience and carelessness of employees when it comes to data protection by providing regular training, thus minimizing the risk of the most common data breaches.

For example, files containing personal data of employees are still often disposed of in the waste paper basket. This can be easily avoided by working with an external document and data shredder such as REISSWOLF. Personal documents are collected in special security containers until they are picked up and then destroyed by the provider in accordance with data protection regulations. As a replacement for your conventional waste paper basket, REISSWOLF offers the RW 70 security container, which fits perfectly under any desk.

Mixing private and company equipment also poses a major security risk. Unauthorised third parties can easily gain access to confidential company documents. This also applies to the use of private e-mail accounts for company purposes. Private and business should be strictly separated. And a secure password is still essential.

A clean-desk policy, which should also include the PC, helps to prevent chaos at the workplace. Personal data should neither be left lying around openly nor stored longer than necessary.

Discretion also applies to office space and information on the telephone. This means that external persons should only have access when accompanied by employees and that every employee should know exactly which personal information they are allowed to give out and which not.

Last but not least, instruct your employees to inform you immediately in case of a data breach. Only then will you be able to react and limit any possible damage.

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