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REISSWOLF Hamburg sustainability news – part 01.

REISSWOLF Hamburg, Germany, already started with the topic of sustainability in 1985 – because 100% of the paper, produced in document destruction has always been recycled and, for example, turned into packaging materials. We also made sure that no shredded material was shipped to Asia or Africa first, but worked with local recycling companies instead. At that time, however, climate change and alternative energy concepts such as electromobility did not play a major role in our company. 

This has changed fundamentally and we are on the way to becoming 100% climate-neutral in file and data destruction before the end of the year. The audit for the ISO 14001 certification has just been successfully passed and the official certificate will follow in the next few days. We are very pleased about this, because this is no small task for a company with many energy-intensive services. It is nice to see how the perception of all of us in the company is changing. In the beginning, ideas and projects for more environmental protection were not treated as a priority, sometimes even as an additional task that requires many resources across all areas and of course also causes costs. This is certainly the case in almost every company. But in addition to costs, the sustainability successes that are achieved also bring an enormous boost in motivation and pride for all employees involved. It is good to feel this more and more intensely, because each of us has a responsibility to leave behind a world worth living in for future generations. This is how we create a communal, sustainable climate on a different level and the ambition to become even faster and even better in terms of environmental protection. In the meantime, we have launched many initiatives. We have set up an innovation management system, we have placed an idea box in the company and together with the HSBA (Hamburg School of Business Administration), we have launched various student projects to scientifically examine individual tasks. More detailed information on the initial results will follow in later articles.

Since 2 years we also offer data erasure and IT recycling. We are continuously expanding this area. The willingness to not simply shred hardware that is no longer needed, but to securely delete the data and then give cell phones or laptops a second life, is continuously increasing. Together with our customers, we have already saved significant resources and avoided emissions with our service last year, and this year the results will be even better.

In the next news we will tell you more about sustainability at REISSWOLF Hamburg, Germany. How we continue and what will happen next. We are proud of this and hope to be pioneers in areas that do not seem too environmentally conscious at first glance, but can be. We are also happy to receive suggestions for even more sustainability. We like to recieve suggestions for even more sustainability - just send us an email

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