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REISSWOLF International welcomes new partner in Azerbaijan

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Since 1 April 2019, REISSWOLF has also been represented in Azerbaijan via the partner network. From Baku, the new partner will in future offer all REISSWOLF services, from digitalisation, through physical and digital archiving, to data protection-compliant data and document destruction.

The market for REISSWOLF 360° data management is large in Azerbaijan and many companies are already interested in our solutions. With a 1,000 m2 archive warehouse, REISSWOLF Baku has been well positioned since 1 May 2019.

SEABAK, the founding company of REISSWOLF Baku, is a team of IT experts who have been offering outsourced IT support, cloud solutions and sales consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises in Azerbaijan since 2001. Agateyyub Jafarov, CEO of REISSWOLF in Azerbaijan, is a certified systems engineer with an IT and business background, international practice and more than 10 years of experience in managing IT businesses and projects. Previously, he worked as Key Account Manager for international companies in Baku.

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