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Despite the increasing numbers of emails, most companies still receive large amounts of letters. Even if there are processes and rules defined for handling it and distributing it internally, this requires a great deal of time and effort on a day-to-day basis. The route to being a paperless office, including digital inboxes, can be implemented simply and efficiently.

With the letter post digitisation of REISSWOLF, you benefit in more than just one aspect.

By digitising your incoming mail on a daily basis, you reduce the time taken for internal processing and significantly lower your paper usage.

In addition, all relevant documents can be retrieved quickly at any time, and it is no longer possible to lose them in the internal mail.

The service quality and ability of the various departments to share information, mainly with their customers, increases significantly.

We also archive all your physical copies automatically so they can be retrieved at any time, for as long as they are required. After the end of the retention period, they are destroyed in line with data protection legislation and a certificate is provided.

So our mail digitisation frees up more of your resources while giving you a simple solution to all issues regarding archiving, data protection and data security of your business documents.

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Benefits to you

  • Daily digitisation of your incoming mail in line with REISSWOLF data protection standards.
  • Secure machine letter opening and high-end scanning.
  • Data capture with optical character recognition (OCR/ICR) for easy full-text searching.
  • Fast access to digital inbox for all authorised staff.
  • Improves processes and frees up resources in your company.
  • Binding service level agreements.

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