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28 January is European Data Privacy Day

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Each person is free to decide for themself to whom they want to make their personal data accessible, when and which of them. Many do not recognize the value of this basic right and often handle their data too carelessly.

In order to make people aware of this again and again and to sensitise them to the handling of their own data, the Council of Europe launched the European Data Protection Day in 2007, which is now in its 13th year. By signing the treaty, the states commit themselves to respect and guarantee the rights and fundamental freedoms – in particular the right to privacy in automated data processing.

Many bodies concerned with data protection participate through actions and events. Since 2008, there has been a Data Privacy Day in the United States and Canada, which is celebrated at the same time as the European Data Privacy Day.

We at REISSWOLF have been aware of the importance of protecting personal data for over 30 years. Starting with data acquisition, through archiving and administration, in some cases for decades, to the final certified file- and data destruction. In addition, our free webinars with data protection and digitisation experts regularly provide you with important tips on data security & data protection in your own company.

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