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International REISSWOLF Partner Meeting 2019

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This year the international partners of the REISSWOLF Group followed the invitation of the Serbian partner to Belgrade. The international REISSWOLF partner network has been growing steadily for many years. This makes it all the more important that once a year the 30 companies from 27 countries come together to exchange ideas, bring themselves up to date, but also to celebrate their joint success.

The ceremony concluded with the REISSWOLF Awards for the most successful partners. This year, the Best Performance Award 2018 went to REISSWOLF Austria. Within the REISSWOLF Group, REISSWOLF Austria was able to record the largest increase in turnover last year.

This year, the Best Networking Award 2018 went to the host REISSWOLF Serbia for its pronounced knowledge transfer within the group of companies. Newcomer Albania was delighted to receive the Best Start-up Award 2018.

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