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Patient data in medical practices are a popular and easy prey for hackers

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Digital patient files in medical practices are extremely popular with hackers. As the German computer magazine "c't" reports, the data is hardly protected and brings in up to 2,000 euros on the black market for a current patient record.

A weak point are insecure passwords, such as "Kennwort1" or "Passwort123", which doctors apparently like to assign. This could certainly be easily remedied.

However, this does not apply to the main reason given by Barbara Thiel, the highest data protection officer in Lower Saxony, Germany. According to her statement, the introduction of the electronic health card has meant that there has been a failure to look at data security in medical practices.
To date, there is no seal or certificate that certifies the security of patient data in medical practices. However, this is a prerequisite for obliging doctors to have the security of their patient data confirmed.
Until then, they can only trust that the IT specialists they work with are familiar with the protection of sensitive data.

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