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REISSWOLF moves to new location

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From September 2019 you will find us at the gates of Hamburg, in Glinde, Wilhelm-Bergner-Straße 3 A. Here we are now united at one location with all our services, except for the destruction of data and documents, which will remain in Hamburg in the Wendenstraße.

Short distances, direct coordination, this benefits not only us, but also our customers.
Of course, the new location also meets all data protection requirements and security standards for processing highly sensitive documents. Building security was the top priority when the new building was constructed.

The entire complex is video monitored, has a fire and burglary alarm system as well as security sluices and is equipped with key management, mirrored windows on the entire ground floor and an all-round fence system.

This ensures that our customer data continues to be processed securely and in compliance with data protection regulations. Because we appreciate the fact that our customers entrust us with their data.


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