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The advantages of the digital inbox

Digitisation is advancing in all areas of the company, ensuring ever more efficient and simple processes. It is therefore all the more surprising that the digital inbox in particular is often ignored.
While we are used to e-mails reaching us quickly and enabling us to respond directly, it is still far too often the case with manual inboxes that letters take a long time and often take detours before they reach their recipient. The processing of mail is not only prone to errors, but often also lacks transparency. Instead of physically receiving, sorting, classifying, distributing and re-archiving incoming mail, this process becomes digitally not only faster, but also qualitatively better and more cost-effective.

REISSWOLF's Digital Inbox, for example, automatically recognizes and classifies different documents, assigns them to the respective departments or recipients and integrates them directly into existing document management systems.

And here are the 6 facts from which you benefit:

  1. Lower operating costs, as the costs for manual distribution and subsequent storage of documents are eliminated
  2. Better quality in customer service through faster response time
  3. Legally compliant processing through direct indexing and archiving
  4. Increased transparency and productivity
  5. Whether internal or external, all employees have access from anywhere (e.g. from the home office)
  6. Reduced staff requirements

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