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British American Tobacco.

British American Tobacco (Germany) GmbH (BAT) is a subsidiary of British American Tobacco p.l.c., the second largest private manufacturer of tobacco products worldwide. With Lucky Strike and Pall Mall, the company’s portfolio includes two of the most popular cigarette brands. In addition, with its brand Vype, the company has established itself on the German e-cigarette market. The company’s business in Germany has been controlled from its Hamburg-based headquarters since 1926. At its Bayreuth location, BAT manufactures tobacco products for the German and international markets and develops flavours for e-cigarettes.


  • Destruction of approx. 60 tons of paper annually in more than 35 permanently provided security containers.
  • Office waste disposal of various waste types (e.g. electronic waste, fluorescent tubes, cardboard, office furniture) – approx. 9 tons per year.
  • Product destruction, e.g. advertising material or cigarette batches.
  • Archiving of 9,000 file boxes in the REISSWOLF archive.


2008 was the year in which BAT and REISSWOLF Hamburg initiated their cooperation in file and data destruction. In its reply to a request to tender, REISSWOLF convinced BAT with its high security and service standards. In 2012, archiving followed as another area. Ever since, BAT has also had its files and folders archived by REISSWOLF. The fact that file and data destruction and archiving are in the same hands and not performed by different service providers, was a crucial factor in BAT’s decision to extend this cooperation. Another important criterion for BAT’s preference to also have the archiving done by REISSWOLF was the REISSWOLF archiving software. The archiving software enables its users to view, organise and manage all their files via a secure web portal that gives them access at any time and from anywhere.

» The REISSWOLF archiving software gives users access
via a secure web portal at any time and from anywhere. «


For file and data destruction, 30 REISSWOLF 240 l security containers were placed on various floors at BAT. They are positioned at so-called multifunctional spots, next to devices and machines, such as copiers. To blend into the BAT office environment, the REISSWOLF security containers were customised with special covers. Employees can feed any documents no longer needed into the containers on site for destruction in compliance with data protection regulations.

Additional security:
To ensure that no sheet of waste paper remains unshredded, the cleaning personnel additionally collects all the waste basket paper at workstations and feeds it into larger REISSWOLF security containers with a volume of 500 l.

The REISSWOLF security collection truck serves the tobacco company daily from Monday to Friday and collects the contents of all provided security containers into a fully enclosed security system. All material is then hermetically secured, transported to the REISSWOLF site and destroyed on the same day in accordance with the protection class and security level requested by BAT and in compliance with DIN 66399 and the German Data Protection Act. Every year, REISSWOLF destroys approx. 60,000 kg of paper for BAT.

Some British American Tobacco project teams that handle particularly sensitive documents make use of REISSWOLF’s “Little Heroes”. These are small, high-performance shredders that destroy paper into very tiny pieces according to DIN 66399, security level 5. Other data carriers, such as CDs or USB sticks, as well as electronic waste, fluorescent tubes, styrofoam, cardboard, office furniture, foils, or even cigarette batches and advertising material are also destroyed by REISSWOLF.

For regular archiving, REISSWOLF provides BAT with archiving boxes, which are packed by the individual departments and picked up by REISSWOLF personnel at regular intervals.

REISSWOLF has a fixed trip to BAT scheduled once a week. On these weekly trips, files that BAT employees requested via the RWAS software are delivered, and files no longer needed are taken to the REISSWOLF archive.

In urgent cases, files can be sent to the client by express delivery within 3 hours. Each archived file receives a barcode. This barcode is linked to the barcode associated with the archive box, which again is associated with the barcode of the storing slot in the REISSWOLF archive. This ensures that the file cannot get lost. If BAT wishes to arrange for final destruction of archived files, the destruction of the respective box must be confirmed with a mouse click in the REISSWOLF archiving software, and a written confirmation must be sent in addition. This provides double security to avoid unintended destruction of files.

Client’s Benefit

Thanks to the seamless REISSWOLF chain of destruction, from the security containers in the offices to the security collection truck, the client has the guarantee that their files are destroyed securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.

As their files are destroyed in a high- security archive externally, the client saves costs for archive rooms and personnel, and they can rest assured that their documents will never get lost and are protected from water, theft or fire.

Client Feedback

The client is happy with the great support provided by contact persons assigned to them during and after project execution, and values their document security ensured by REISSWOLF’s archiving and destruction system in compliance with data protection regulations.

Quick access and simple file management using REISSWOLF’s easy-to-use archiving software has convinced the client in their everyday work.

» Security containers are emptied daily, and documents are destroyed
in the high-security shredder on the same day.«

Future Prospects

The file archiving system can be extended at any time to make requested files easily and quickly available in digital form via the secure REISSWOLF f.i.t. cloud archive. In that case, REISSWOLF would accompany BAT during the transition from physical to digital working.

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